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English teaching in
Village schools

IT related educational
programmes in village schools
Volunteering to
Elders Homes
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Children's homes


Udawalawe Elephant
transit home

Yala Leopard
conservation project

Wasgamuwa Elephant conservation project
Turtle conservation project at Rekawa/Kosgoda/Kalpitiya
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volunteering in sri lanka - volunteer projects in sri lankaVOLUNTEERING WITH SLWF & ECO TEAM

Eco Team with Sri Lanka Wilderness Foundation offer great opportunities for regular people to get involved in actual field research, in-situ conservation, community development and capacity building programs.  We have been working with volunteers since 2000 and they have helped us immensely in fulfilling our conservation goals and objectives. Our strong community and government institution ties, logistical capabilities and experience in in-situ research also enables us to effectively partner with trained individuals and groups from universities and conservation groups in conducting research and community development programs.
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Why Volunteering

1.See the world

They have a chance to travel and see beautiful places and meet all the wonderful people around the globe. You can share your thoughts, experiences with them.

2.Feeling good factor
You know that you've made a real difference and actually having the chance to see it firsthand.

3.Improving interpersonal skills
Volunteering in the community is the best way to fix problems which exist, and take measures to prevent future problems. By doing such volunteering, you can expound upon your interpersonal skills to ensure that the world is becoming a better place than you found it one step at a time.

4.To get unique experiences
You will receive all the training that you need to take part in a project and you will acquire new skills that you will be able to put to good use in the future.

As a mid-term to long term volunteer [ 01 week to 01 year ]

Casting about for a life-changing experience that will completely revolutionize your existence? Imagine a trip to exotic Sri Lanka, itself an unforgettable unique experience in your life. It will gain you an opportunity to really help Sri Lanka’s wonderful people, fascinate with beautiful nature and improve your interpersonal skills.
If you’re considering a new career, volunteering can help you get experience in your area of interest and meet people in the field. Even if you’re not planning on changing careers, volunteering gives you the opportunity to practice important skills used in the workplace, such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, project planning, task management, and organization. You might feel more comfortable stretching your wings at work once you’ve honed these skills in a volunteer position first.


As a short term volunteer [ half a day to 6 days ] 

Traveling and holidays don’t necessary mean chilling out in a hammock in front of a deep blue sea. Responsible holidays are increasing and we are able to provide you a huge human and nature experience during your holidays. We believe that in our society getting more and more individualist, a small contribution of your time and efforts, even at a small scale, can really contribute to change the world. But you have to do the first steps. Let’s join us in our effort to make our world more responsible socially and environmentally.

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