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Corporate Social Responsibility

What does Corporate Social Responsibility mean, and what is its aim?

Organizations from around the world, and their stakeholders, are becoming increasingly aware of the need  and benefits of socially responsible behaviour. The objective of social responsibility is to contribute to sustainable development.
In applying ISO 26000, it is advisable that an organization take into consideration social, environmental, legal, cultural, political and organizational diversity, as well as differences in economic conditions, whilst being consistent with international culture and norms of behaviour.

Eco Team has decided to follow the ISO 26000 guidance document on Corporate Social Responsibility and to make the company respectful of Human conditions, environmental aspects and the ethics of the economy.

CSR take into consideration the UN standards for the Triple bottom lines or three pillars: people, profit and planet. In the private sector, a commitment to corporate social responsibility implies a commitment to some form of Triple Bottom Lines reporting. This is distinct from the more limited changes required to deal only with ecological issues.

Our social policy:
  • Disable/able people are working together
  • Same salary for same qualifications
  • Gender balance and respect regarding salary and work
  • Senior/junior  working together (staff : youngest 19 and eldest 57)
  • Many Ethnic and religious groups working together without discrimination: Sinhalese, Tamils and Boers (burghers), Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Hindus…

It is important to mention at this juncture that Sri Lanka had been mercilessly ravaged by a 30 year civil war, which ended in May 2009. Recognition of the abilities of all groups without discrimination, and willingness to work together will help the country to forge ahead, slowly forgetting the trauma. Eco team as a big local company is participating in all the reconstruction processes.


  • Work opportunity for staff: education programmes: English language training for Sinhala only speakers, first aid, and management training…
  • Climb hierarchical scale: i.e. from aide-de-camp to operation manager.
  • Salary increments: incentive pay, result pay and outstanding primes.


  • Bikes available at office for staff
  • Car-pool program for staff on the intra net
  • Online carbon emission calculator for guests


  • Veddha people( support)
  • Tree House people in Sigiriya (support)

-Art, handicraft and tradition respect:

  • Elephant dung paper (Elephant transit Home)
  • Wickerwork
  • Recycling items


  • Internal awards and emulation: most outstanding staff …
  • National awards: presidential Awards
  • International awards: Tourism for tomorrow, Green Apple awards

- Social policy for guests and volunteers

  • personal attention to each one: young, senior, able, differently-abled, men, women i.e. baby’s bottle and facilities to mothers’ with infants/young children
  • Respect for everyone’s culture, convictions and traditions. i.e. vegetarian/vegetalian/halal food if necessary

-CSR projects open to volunteers:

  • CSR intern for 6 months: observing, setting up and checking projects, company assessment.
  • CSR volunteer programs: start within 2 years, a development project in each of Eco team’s locations.
Our environmental policy (signed by each staff member when they are hired)
-waste management
  • Reduce consumption: laptops instead of fixed computers; paper operations (call suppliers and make them deliver once in front of all staff and leave it visible…)
  • recycle and separate waste: batteries/plastic/cans/glass, service of a private company
  • Use environmental friendly items: ecological ink, recycling paper…

- Carbon management:

  • calculate carbon footprint (for Mahoora camping)
  •  Reduce carbon footprint (behavior measure, facilities…)
  • Offset extra CO2 (reforestation…)
  • Monitoring: annual carbon report
  • Communication: staff and clients, online and posters

-Animal & Nature Conservation in Sri Lanka, company ethics:
Eco team belongs to, and supports different conservation programs:

  • Leopard conservation (Pugmark)
  • Turtle conservation (Turtle Conservation Project)
  • Elephant conservation (Elephant Transit home & BornFree Foundation)
  • Whale conservation
  • World heritage site conservation: Sinharaja rainforest, Sigiriya
-Demonstrating how responsible business practices can create long-term value:
  • sustainable development for Sri Lanka through Eco team’s fulfillment and awards
  • Promote fair trade inside and outside the company
  • Insert responsible tourism as an economical strategy:  promote CSR-volunteer projects for customers

-Building a skilled workforce that will be an asset for a knowledgeable future economy:

  • English training sessions, education, first aid workshop
  • Insist on local employment and education programs on rural locations

-Improve Eco Team products and service:

  • identify and reduce waste and squandering
  • Reduce cost, waste, quantity of energy and water used…

-make people efficient:

  • suitable and congenial/cohesive place/environment to work
  •  improve team solidarity and harmony by hosting social events
  •  convivial breaks during tea time and lunch time
  •  incentive pay
  • Efficiency is not necessarily linked to assistance (cf: French workaholic tradition)

-invest for the future:

  • increase investment in environment program : CO2 management as a challenge, ask for external audit and qualify people
  • increase investment in new concepts and ideas
We have an ethical policy of truth and transparency. Our environmental reports (such as Carbon footprint or social stature) are available online. We are officially assuming our position in social and environmental items.



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