Our carbon offset projects in action.
We are currently working on a massive project in converting Mhoora Safari Camps www.mahoora.lk , our main sponsor Eco Team’s flagship camping product in to low carbon / “0” carbon operation by end 2012.
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Carbon Footprint

What is a carbon footprint?

The International community found a global index to estimate humanity's environmental impact and to try to reduce it: this is the Carbon footprint. A Carbon footprint is the quantity of carbon (in tons) emitted by an activity or an organization. The carbon component in an Ecological Footprint definition is the translation of the quantity of carbon dioxide in a surface of Forest necessary to sequester that carbon emission. It allows representing the pressure of fossil fuel demand for our planet.

Why should we care about the environment and carbon footprints?
The International community is becoming aware of many urgent environmental issues such as pollution, over exploitation, loss of Biodiversity, Climate change and Global Warming. Humanity's Ecological Footprint has grown 80 percent over the last four decades. Sustainable measures have to be taken into consideration. The biggest source of pollution and carbon emission are the large industrial companies. If these companies did a minimum effort for the environment and even for improving their efficiency we can decrease 60% of global carbon emission as a whole. One of the most globally sustainable and easy acts companies can take to reduce their environmental impact, is to work on reducing their carbon footprint. Carbon emission is one of the indexes used to evaluate environmental damage levels insofar as CO2 is the most common global warming gas.

How to act?
The Sri Lanka Wilderness Foundation has chosen to support Eco Team's work on carbon reduction. A global carbon assessment is in process for the luxury Mahoora camping. You can support this carbon reduction effort by way of a donation.
However, be aware that not only companies, but us individuals have a carbon footprint too, and can help reduce it. We are 6-7 billion humans on earth, and since there is inequality in consumption, developed countries tend to pollute more. But developing countries are also following their futuristic models and are reaching a high level of 'industrial development'. This is supposed to improve human welfare and we cannot blame anyone for making their lifestyles better. However, if world Wide, Humanity globalizes that model of consumption our planet will not be able to provide enough food, water, and energy. Earth will simply collapse due to over-pollution.

We have to rethink our global consumption model if we want to continue having a safe place to live, for our future generations. Reducing our personal carbon footprint is a good start. You can first calculate your own carbon footprint (link to website/calculator) and then try to reduce it. Even when choosing holidays, think of the carbon you are emitting (link to transportation calculator) and try to reduce it (As an example, when taking a flight from Europe or USA you will emit between 1700kg and 1900kg of CO2). Change your everyday life by small acts: reduce your AC/heating, turn off your electronic devices and lights when you are leaving, recycle your waste, consume only what you need and stop using your car to travel only 500m… You can also act by participating in volunteer eco friendly programmes to help Sri Lanka in its environmental willingness to become the 'lung of earth' in tourism. This unique initiative 'Towards a Carbon Free Sri Lanka: A Tourism Earth Lung' is for the good of everybody." said Renton de Alwis, the leader of the Sri Lanka Tourism Authority and former vice president of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association)…

Steps to go carbon neutral

1. Calculate carbon footprint and carbon emission
2. Reduce carbon footprint by quick and easy measure
3. Offset remaining emission



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