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All our projects are designed to achieve our conservation goals through the communities and the stakeholders that are integrated with the relevant environment / eco systems.

Through our projects we are creating awareness among the communities about the importance of natural resources and sustainable usage of them. We are educating the younger generation of the importance preserving the sensitive environment that they live-in, and inculcate environmental discipline& good practices that will be required. Our projects work directly with stake holders in enriching & conserving the amazing biodiversity of Sri Lanka.

Our projects would financially empower the communities where they do not have to engage in any environmentally or socially unethical livelihoods. We identify and support ecological & traditional sustainable agricultural methods. We encourage ecological, biodegradable, handicraft and other cottage industries.  

SLWF will work on minimizing the human & animal conflict in all possible sensitive areas. We invite you to join us, supporting our projects by making a donation, visiting us or even participating in our volunteer programs
Yala Rekawa Sinharaja Udawalawe Belihuloya Adams Peak Knuckles Dambana Wasgamuwa Sigiriya
SLWF - Project Locations
  Udawalawe – Elephant Transit Home action – Ongoing   Udawalawe – Lantana camara removal project – Proposed   Udawalawe – Hambagamuwa – Nursery and Replantation Offsetting program - Ongoing/ Already in effect  
  elephant conservation projects in sri lanka   wildlife conservation projects sri lanka   Re-Plantation programs in sri lanka  

Elephant Transit Home project aids elephant orphan in Udawalawe National Park to grow and then release them in the wild. It is a project of the Department of Wildlife Conservation, governmental organism of Sri Lanka. Eco Team looks for volunteer and donors to help this organization.


Removal of the Lantana camara invasive plant in the National Park Udawalawe. Lantana presence is problematic in the National Park, they are overspread, and it is disturbing the habitat of the elephant of the park. The project is to remove sustainably the Lantana from Udawalawe National Park.


Carbon Offsetting of the environment tourism print. In the border of the Udawalawe National Park a nursery will be settled. Eco Team gives the opportunities at the travelers to take part to this action. They could offset their own carbon foot print by planting their own tree.

  Udawalawe - Adopt a baby elephant: proposed   Elephant dung paper handcraft: proposed   Sinharaja Reforestation & Educational Project:  Proposed.  
  Elephant Transit Home Sri Lanka   Paper Recycling projects in sri lanka   Reforestation projects in sri lanka,sinharaja reforestation  

Adoption of an orphan baby elephant from the Elephant Transit Home (ETH) in Udawalawe National Park. The adoption allows to supply for the feed of the elephant. The ETH is under the responsibility of the Sri Lankan governmental body call Department of Wildlife Conservation.


Hand craft recycled paper and items are product from the elephant dung. The process recycles a natural raw material and adds a value to this material.


Awareness of students as a strategy to protect threatens to the Sinharaja World Heritage. Project is increase the awareness of students who are living in the boarders of Sinharaja and to make them responsible citizen regarding the values of Sinharaja.

  Sinharaja Carbon offset Tree Planting Project: Proposed   Dambana – Veddha: ongoing /Already in effect   Sigiriya Tree House Project – proposed .  
  Tree Planting projects in sinharaja rainforest sri lanka   Veddha community projects in sri lanka   sigiriya tree house projects in sri lanka  

Carbon offset in Sinharaja, the Tree Planting Project. By paying for planting tree in Sinharaja, the travelers who are coming in Sri Lanka could offset their own carbon foot print due to the plane and their complete trip.


Conservation of the Veddha community in Dambana. Insertion in a Veddha community to help the maintenance of their culture. The Veddhas are the indigenous community of Sri Lanka. Nowadays they are fighting to conserve they way of life and to be understand.


Conservation of the local community in border of Sigiriya Fortress. Share of life style of the Sigiriya borders villagers to understand their way of life, their culture. Discovery of the Tree House concept to spent a night, concept used by the villagers to monitor their field.




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