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Location - Sigiriya Mahoora Tree House

Sigiriya tree House project: proposed
Exchanging, sharing and discussing with local villagers about their traditions and customs would open your minds. You have the opportunity to live in a Tree House community way of life during your trip: sleep in a real Tree House, eat typical agro-ecological food products and even learn how to cultivate paddy during the stay. Your presence will improve the community’s welfare and you will learn a lot about simplicity and happiness: A huge humanity lesson. 
Where to stay at Sigiriya: http://www.srilankaecotourism.com/sigiriya_mahoora_tree_house.htm

This is our pledge
Your pledge for conservation -Your patronage to this concept will help to uplift the living standard of the community that we do this project with. A percentage of what you pay will go to the villager who owns the property and a daily fee is paid towards their labour contribution in setting everything up for the guests as well. Villagers supply the entire requirement of food commodities for this project.  

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