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Location – Dambana

Veddah Programme: ongoing /Already in effect
This is a small relic indigenous community 300km away from Colombo. Veddah is the legendary ethnic group of Sri Lankan History. You have the opportunity to meet them and to learn their legends and customs. You can also share their culture by staying with them for a while. You will understand their fears and hopes for the future,   try to help them to continue conserving their way of life which is threatened more and more by the lack of understanding of the outside world. You can also make a donation in order to contribute in saving one of the last traditional indigenous communities of Sri Lanka.
Where to stay at Veddah’s village: http://www.srilankaecotourism.com/dambana.htm

This is our pledge:
 Staying at the Veddah’s village, you will be sharing their everyday respectful actions towards the environment. Also, a percentage of what you paid will contribute in fighting for their right to conserve their traditions in our fast changing and rapidly advancing world.

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